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Residential and Commercial Duct Repairs & Duct Cleaning in Geelong

Have you noticed a foul odour coming from your ducts? Are they making unusual noises or not working properly? Do you experience any allergies or other respiratory issues when your ducted system is on? If so, your ducts most likely require cleaning or repair. Fortunately, the team at Duct Masters are available to provide professional HVAC duct repairs and duct cleaning in Geelong for both residential and commercial properties.


Duct Cleaning Services We Offer in Geelong

If you haven’t recently had your ducts professionally cleaned, you could be at risk!

  • A recent CSIRO study found that 500,000 Australians are living in homes containing air with toxicity 20 times above the national limits set by the NHRMC. Some took 10 weeks to fall below the recommended levels.
  • Dust and lint accumulates inside and around the duct work, providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Ultimately, exposure to bacteria can cause allergic reactions and other nasty symptoms.
  • Some fires have started due to restricted airflow through the return air duct and around the heating fan unit. This is largely to blame as a result of dust and lint in the air grille and inside duct work.

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Why Choose Our Duct Cleaning & Duct Repairs Experts?

Whether you’re looking for ducted heating cleaning or standard duct cleaning in Geelong, you’ll be more than satisfied with the exceptional work Duct Masters provides. Here’s why our company stands out from the competition:

  • A team of committed and qualified inspectors, technicians and consultants
  • Our drive to provide the highest standards of quality and excellence to our clients
  • A completely Australian owned organisation with a proven track record of success
  • A commitment to reviewing and improving our services to meet client demands


While our services for duct cleaning, duct replacement and duct repairs are available at a very affordable cost, we never cut corners and we always aim to deliver high-quality work. If you’ve been looking for reliable split system cleaning or central heating cleaning in Geelong, ask how our services can benefit your residential or commercial property.

How Do We Clean Ducts?

How the physical duct cleaning process is done will depend on how much cleaning is required as well as any other additional services we’ve been asked to do. Most of our technicians will follow a standard process as listed below:

  • Turn system on to see if it is working
  • Take out the return air vent grill and wash it thoroughly
  • Take out the return air vent filter (if any) and vacuum it to remove dust
  • Clean return air duct with compressed air and extraction hoses
  • Take out each individual vent and clean connecting ductwork using compressed air and extraction hoses
  • Remove heating fan motor cover and clean the ducted heating fan with compressed air
  • Turn system on
  • Sanitise and deodorise with Bacti-gas (natural tea-tree compound). This is a low allergenic germicide that will be sprayed into the return air vent while the system is operating to circulate it throughout the ductwork and maintain a healthy airflow
  • A carbon monoxide test of your ambient air is performed to ensure your family’s safety


Note: Covers are used over every vent to reduce the possibility of any dust escaping to help keep your home clean.

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Sadek did a great job of cleaning our central heating system. He was prompt, efficient and left the house as he found it - except of course that we now can breathe easy! A dead mouse was an unexpected surprise so we’ll be calling duct masters more regularly to keep on top of things.

Susan Schneider Avatar Susan Schneider
July 17, 2019

Terrence came out to our house this morning and cleaned our ducts for us. He let me know what he was doing and how and allowed me to ask any questions along the way. I'm so happy with his service and would highly recommend . Thanks Terrence.

Kylie Stride Avatar Kylie Stride
July 11, 2019

Good man Sadek. Great service and friendly chat. Helped explain everything along the way. Works Saturdays, which is so convenient. Very fair price for all the effort it takes. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Bo Devasirie Avatar Bo Devasirie
July 6, 2019

Just had Sadek finish cleaning our Cooling ducts and we could not be happier with his work. He has a pride and passion to do a great job. I was particularly impressed with his talking us through the process and showing us everything he was doing. Very thorough and professional. Will be happy to see him again next time.

Andre' Avatar Andre'
July 4, 2019

We had Sam (Samer) arrive promptly on Monday morning (June 1st) to clean our ducts. He had an excellent and polite manner, explaining carefully to us what the cleaning procedure would entail. Moreover he was very thorough, making sure all was in good order, and cleaning up at the end of his work. My wife and I were greatly impressed with Sam and would highly recommend him.

George Damicoucas Avatar George Damicoucas
July 3, 2019

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Duct Masters is proud to be a leading provider of low cost duct repairs, duct replacement and duct cleaning in Geelong for central heating and more. Contact us today for more information about our available services or to ask for a quote. You can also make a booking by calling us on 1300 247 382 or submitting an online enquiry.

Having a professional duct clean not only helps to ensure the air you breathe is healthy but also helps the system to run more efficiently, saving you money.

As dust and lint accumulates inside the duct work it provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould to grow. Ultimately, exposure to dust, bacteria or mould can cause allergic reactions and other nasty symptoms.

For most systems the job will take approximately 1.5 Hours to complete. If you have had any recent renovations around the home please let us know so we can allow more time to remove any extra building debris and dust.

Vacuuming around your return air vent and outlets can assist in reducing some dust, however it is not possible to get very far into ductwork where most of the dust collects. Professional cleaning equipment will get several metres into every duct, while also cleaning the heating fan motor and sanitising your system to kill of any bacteria that may be present.

As long as any furniture that is covering access to a vent is moved there is nothing more you need to do. It is safe to be in the house while our technician is there. Though be prepared for a little noise disruption from our equipment.

Over time dust and debris will build up, contaminating the air you breathe and providing a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Clogged ducts cause your heating motor to work harder, costing you more to run, and risking component failure. In severe cases dust build up on the motor can cause overheating and become a fire risk.

We simply need to know how many vents you have in the floor or ceiling and can provide you with a quote over the phone.

We use the latest equipment and methods as approved by the National Air Duct Cleaners (NADCA) Association that is very gentle on your duct work. Using negative and positive air pressure and an extraction hose is the best way to ensure there is no damage to ductwork, while thoroughly cleaning your system.

Not 100% of the time. This depends on the cause of the odour. The gas we use to sanitise and deodorise your system can kill off bacteria and moulds that cause odours, however when an animal or rodent is the cause, a duct inspection may be needed to investigate the extent of the problem. Due to the porous nature of ducts, in severe cases 1 or more ducts may need to be replaced.

Healthy indoor air is not an option, it is a MUST