What to Expect from a Professional Duct Cleaning Service

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Arranging professional duct cleaning is highly recommended for many reasons. Not only will it leave your air ducts cleaner, but it will also ensure that your HVAC system will keep working efficiently for the long term and remove anything inside your ducts that could be a potential health or fire hazard. Below, Duct Masters explains what our customers can expect from our professional duct cleaning service.


Our air duct technician will begin by inspecting the inside of the duct system to determine its condition and ascertain how much dust, dirt and other debris there is. Based on the inspection results, the right cleaning methods and equipment will be selected to ensure the job is done right and all debris is removed.


Our duct cleaning technician will use a specialised vacuum to extract the majority of the dust and debris trapped inside the duct system. They’ll also use a brush device to brush and scrape the inside of the ducts, loosening any dust and dirt that’s become stuck inside and making it easier for the vacuum to extract it. If any signs of mould growth are found, cleaning chemicals will be used to disinfect the ducts and stop the mould in its tracks.


Once the duct cleaning process is complete, we may offer some recommendations that will help to keep the air ducts cleaner for longer. This could include installing a new air filtering device if the old filter is no longer doing its job, or recommending that ducts are cleaned every two years. Our qualified air duct technician will know precisely what every type of duct system needs to keep it in proper working condition.

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