What is the Best Season for Duct Cleaning in Melbourne?

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There has been a lot of discussion about the best time of year for duct cleaning in Melbourne. It may seem unusual to have a season for duct cleaning, but every season has its own impact that can affect the use of your HVAC and the cleaning required.

Ultimately, duct cleaning can be scheduled at any time of the year to suit one’s comfort and flexibility. Just make sure you don’t put it off until the last minute, as the last thing you want is to feel embarrassed when a guest arrives and your home smells strange!

The Best Possible Times for Duct Cleaning

  • During Autumn – The Off-Peak Season

Before you get your ducted heating system back up and running, autumn is the ideal time to give your ducts a good clean. In the months leading up to the colder months, your duct system can remain inactive for extended periods, while being full of last season’s dust and debris. As a result, autumn is a great time to hire a duct cleaning contractor.

  • If There’s a Lot of Use During Summer

When a ducted system has to work hard throughout summer, its condition can deteriorate. Not only will you lose a lot of cool air, but a clogged duct system will also need more energy to operate, causing a spike in your electricity bills. If you notice high bills, it might be a good time to get your ducts cleaned.

  • If You Suffer Allergies in Spring

Allergy sufferers may experience symptoms all year round, but spring can be especially challenging for those who are sensitive to mould and allergens. You may suffer itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, a scratchy throat or asthma as the weather changes and pollen count becomes higher. If you’re affected, you might want to think about hiring a duct cleaning professional in spring to avoid triggering your allergies.

  • When Pests are on the Prowl for Warmth and Shelter in Winter

It’s natural for pests and insects to seek out a warm area to spend the winter as the temperature outside cools down. That’s why it’s common to see bugs, spiders and rodents in your home during winter. As a result, your home’s ducts could become an attractive spot for them. If you suspect any creepy crawlies are nesting in your ducts, you might need to organise duct cleaning sooner rather than later.

Keep an Eye Out All Year Long

By arranging regular duct cleaning and maintenance as needed, you can lessen the likelihood of problems affecting your home throughout the year.

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