How to Tell When Your Ducts Need Cleaning

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The air that’s circulated through your air ducts is the same air you and your family breathe in. Therefore, it’s imperative that this air is always clean and contaminant-free. The best way to ensure this is to have your ducts cleaned regularly. If you’re unsure if your ducts need to be cleaned, here are some common signs to be on the lookout for.

Poor or Uneven Airflow

The most common sign that your ductwork needs to be cleaned is if every room in your household has a different level of airflow, indicating that the ducts could be filled with debris that’s blocking the flow of air.


If you see any dust, dirt or other debris located near your ducts, or if your system puffs out dust when in use, your ducts need a clean. Most of the time, air ducts will not emit visible dust or debris when operating, but if they do, there could be a lot of it hidden inside. This dust and debris can also contain contaminants that can affect your family’s health.

Unpleasant Odours

If any bad smells are noticeable when you use your HVAC system, it could be coming from the ductwork. The most likely cause of this is mould that has built up in your system. This mould should be taken care of as soon as possible to prevent it from contaminating your air.

Higher Energy Costs

If your energy bills have gotten a lot higher compared to what you were paying a few months earlier, this could be due to an unclean duct system. Ducts that are blocked up with debris cannot emit air as well as they should, forcing heating and cooling systems to use more energy. The more energy that’s used, the higher the energy bills will be.

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