How Much Does Ducted Heater Service Cost?

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Cleaning ducted floor heater with green microfiber cloth
Does the ducted heating need servicing at your home or place of business? If you notice your system is struggling to get the job done, there’s a good chance it needs to be cleaned and serviced. However, you might be anxious about how much this will set you back. Different providers set different prices for their duct cleaning services, but there are many affordable options out there.

Duct Masters is one such option that allows you to restore your ducts and improve the hygiene of your Melbourne property without breaking the bank. The professional team at Duct Masters can answer all of your burning questions such as “how do they clean ducted heating and cooling at such a low price?” as well as providing an accurate ducted heating service cost estimate.

What Does the Ducted Heating Service Cost Depend On?

A ducted electric or gas heater service cost can depend on a number of factors, including the number of ducted heating vents, motors and return air vents that need cleaning. Other factors include their location (e.g. floor or ceiling) and how much cleaning or servicing is required to restore them back to a clean and hygienic state.

The cost can also vary depending on whether residential duct cleaning or commercial duct cleaning is required, as well as the brand of the system. For instance, the cost of servicing a small system for a residential home will be less than a large commercial system.

At Duct Masters, we aim to be as clear and transparent as possible when it comes to our duct cleaning and servicing costs. Our prices start from only $12 per duct, allowing more people to get their duct system cleaned by the best in the industry. We also provide FREE carbon monoxide testing of your ambient air.

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