How do you clean ducted heating in ceiling

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How Do You Clean Your Heating Ducts in the Ceiling?

Dirty ceiling air duct covered in dust
Regular ducted heating cleaning is an important task in order to protect anyone inside your home from illnesses and foul odours. Sometimes dust and debris can also build up inside your ventilation system and block airflow, which stops the furnace, evaporator coil and blower from working properly. This can cause your unit to work harder and use more energy, making it cost more to operate.

While it is possible to clean your ducted heating system by yourself, if you do have any issues doing so, Duct Masters has a team of Melbourne based ducted heating cleaning specialists who can provide you with an exceptional and fast service.

The Causes of Dirty Ducts

  • Mould, bacteria, dirt, dust, pollens, spores, spider webs, and other elements that naturally grow over time inside ceiling vents
  • Insects and pests, such as spiders, cockroaches, mice, rats, fleas and more that breed and leave biological matter inside heating ducts
  • Odours that have become trapped inside heating ducts, such as cigarette smoke, cooking smells and stuffy smells caused by a lack of fresh air
  • Obstructions that reduce heating performance and efficiency and are often fire hazards.


How to Perform Ducted Heating Cleaning


  • Wash and dry, and if necessary repair or replace, the air filters inside the system twice a year to ensure as much dirt and dust is being collected as possible
  • Take off the vent grates and wash them with warm soapy water, and then allow them to dry
  • Remove any large objects from the bottom of the ceiling vents. After this, carefully vacuum away any left behind dust and debris
  • If the ceiling vents are dirty, use a damp cloth to clean them, and then meticulously dry these areas


Arrange Professional Ducted Heating Cleaning Today

If you’re unsure and wondering “how do you clean your heating ducts?”, get in touch with Duct Masters today for a professional result. Call us on 1300 553 818 to arrange our comprehensive and ducted heating cleaning services.

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