4 Surprising Things That Could be Lurking in Your Ducts

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Have you looked inside your ducts recently? Chances are you haven’t. It’s likely that the only time someone looks into your ducts is when you have duct cleaning in Melbourne done. To give you some idea of the debris that can be found in ducts, this blog will detail four surprising things that could be lurking in your ducts.

Pollen and Allergens

People often don’t connect allergies with dirty ducts, but there’s a strong link between the two. This is because pollen, animal hair and other allergens can collect in your ducts infinitely until you arrange duct cleaning in Melbourne. You’ll notice that after duct cleaning, you and your family should have fewer problems with allergies.

Mould, Viruses and Bacteria

It might be surprising to learn that even pathogens could be lurking in your ducts, like mould, viruses and bacteria. These organisms can get into your home easily, and from there on in, they can spread with ease thanks to the action of your HVAC system as it blows air around your house. If you’re worried about this, you should arrange duct cleaning in Melbourne at the earliest opportunity.


Rodents are commonly found in ducts. You may not think that they can get in, but they can. More importantly, they can leave a mess behind in your ducts in the form of rodent faeces and carcasses. In order to get rid of this mess, you need professionals to come to your home and carry out duct cleaning to make your home hygienic again.


Insects can often be found creeping and crawling around your ducts. Small spaces are easy for them to get into. You might find ants, cockroaches or even spiders making their home in your ducts. If you don’t like the idea of an insect infestation, make sure you organise regular duct cleaning in Melbourne to leave your ducts clean and clear.

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